A turbo-charged study for brand leadership
Product-testing should be entirely customer-driven


Post Ad Test/Usage & Attitude Study - Continuous campaign refinement


Detecting the dos and don'ts through Product Testing
Post-Event Evaluation - Closing the deal is just the beginning
Usage & Attitude Survey - Never take your customer for granted
Big Data Analysis - Insight behind numbers
Detecting the challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape
Customer Segmentation Study - One-size doesn't fit all

Transforming businesses from good to great

Create a point of difference via Mystery Shopper

Providing real-time market intelligence to leading corporations

Gauging consumer interest to create more interest
Unlocking brand potential
Product Testing - Why guess when you can ask
Brand Audit and Rebranding
Staying tuned and staying ahead with Strategic Research

Translating insights into viable business ideas

The solution for market entry
Brand leadership and expansion
Knowing the why and why not via Concept Testing
Customer Satisfaction Study/Dealers Attitude Survey

Revitalising brands in a rapidly changing environment

Discovering the dos and don'ts through Product Testing
Product Taste Test - In search of virtues
Mystery Shopper - Every touch-point counts
Customer Satisfaction Study
Getting the basics right with Usage & Attitude Study

In-depth research projects to identify key challenges and opportunities

Usage & Attitude Study - Consumer taste is more than knowing their taste bud
Big discoveries from Big Data
Mystery Shopper - Every product comes with a service element
Mystery Shopper - Find out what you know and do not know
Achieving international standards with Customer Satisfaction Study

Helping organisations achieve full potential

Brand transformation and positioning
Leveraging Big Data for big brand ambition
Big results from Big Data Analysis
Powerful branding starts with internal branding
A brand leader still has room to grow - that's what makes it a leader
There is no trade-off between scale and quality, all thanks to the right technology and execution
Technology is power when it is mastered by powerful business insights
Anchoring a brand in the right way will attract and retain the right members
A successful brand is the result of successful engagement with stakeholders

Enhancing business efficiency and profitability

Mystery Shopper - Nothing is too mysterious about consumer behaviour with the right tools
Store Traffic Shopper - Counting traffic is the past; understanding and inducing consumer behaviour is the future
Website Design and Development/Photo shooting - The best on-site experience usually starts with a proper online introduction
Concept Design - Why sell mooncake when you can spread love?
Concept Testing - Starting your business with a solid foundation will ultimately determine how far you can go
#Tagboard Deployment - Partnering with customers will only get you more customers
Big Data - Data is meaningful only when it is properly organised
Big Data - Data is used to serve people

Helping organisations build and foster a strong image

IDI Qualitative Concept Testing - Product testing is not what you do, it is how you do it that makes all the difference