We customize our approach to offer the most optimum solution to each project by leveraging the experience and expertise of our team in various disciplines.


Technology has transformed the media landscape over the past decade resulting in a highly fragmented market and constantly evolving media consumption behavior. Marketers today are demanding a more effective, real-time, measurable, and accountable way of planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities. MaLogic has pioneered a new marketing platform to match the advertising message with the most relevant target audience. Powered by AI big data mining, MaLogic DEEP (Data Empowered Engagement Platform) integrates POS data, CRM analytics, and customers’ face ID parameters, thus allowing brands to push relevant advertising messages in offline channels to individual consumers when they are out of home.

More than one million screens in different channels are available nationwide to connect to your target customers in CVS, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, SPA, pharmacy and medical clinic. Various modes of advertisement could be assigned to achieve the most desirable ROI. MaLogic iOOH advertising algorithm pushes the most relevant advertisement in different time slots in a targeted channel according to the customer profile obtained from facial recognition and/or CRM data.

DEEP patent is under review and has already been publicized in China as well as international patent organization (CEPCT)

MaLogic is in the process of expanding its DEEP services to the African continent, including online and offline, in home and out of home, TV and mobile, with the goal to become the largest advertising platform in Africa.


Created by MaLogic, DetectEffective is an AI-based automatic mouse detection system which utilizes video analytics capabilities. It equips you with 24/7 monitoring of mouse activities in your concerned locations, via its infrared IP camera. The DetectEffective app allows you to timely access the critical information with various levels of assigned authority based on your preference. Key insight features — Active Index, heat map, track map, footages — all at your fingertips results in more effective rodent control.

MaLogic understands your concern about the harm brought about by rodents, which is how the innovation of this automatic detection system came to existence with the specific dedicated mission to help you address this very problem. Working together with a pest control company will help you keep the mouse problem under control. It turns pest control from passive to active. Control measures can be deployed accordingly based on dashboard results, and the effectiveness can be clearly monitored.

Quantified indexes are created. You can compare the indexes among all of your business establishments or any other targeted areas. Trends can be observed from an overall level, to the individual zone, down to the individual camera level.

DetectEffective was granted a patent by the Chinese Government and an international patent is also under review by the International Patent Organization.


Consumer behavior has gone through dramatic changes in the past few years. Although what we knew back then is not necessarily wrong today, past insights are no longer sufficient to understand present-day challenges.

We conduct customized qualitative and quantitative research projects that help corporations to identify the most pressing and current challenges as well as the untapped market opportunities. Drawing on cutting-edge technology, and with our research and branding teams joining force together right from the beginning, we are able to dig up the most relevant business and consumer insights to support critical decision-making for our client-partners:
• Fast and focused;
• Integrated (online/offline; small and big data);
• Actionable.

Our particular areas of expertise cover:
• Automotive industry:
In the middle of a transformation process with a complete overhaul of the way people consume mobility nowadays ago;
• Retail sector:
Faced with the ever-changing consumer expectation and behavior which is completely different from just a few years ago.


Data is everywhere, it is rapidly evolving into every element of our lives. If one can decode the hidden meaning behind the abundant data, it can turn into unlimited possibilities. We help corporations to integrate various sources of data, understand and interpret the data, so as to drive more satisfactory customer experience, to design highly marketable new products and to drastically improve business operations.

By partnering with multiple data sources globally including the China’s UnionPay, we have been providing real time market intelligence and most relevant data to leading corporations from various industries by analyzing a data-volume of approximately 52 million transactions per day.

Big Data Service:
Detection and Forecast of Market and Consumer Trends, Cross-market and Cross-Category Consumer Spending Analysis, Customer Loyalty Tracking, Customer Profile Reconstruction, Targeted Marketing, Strategic Consumer Segmentation and Communication Optimization etc.


We offer creative and innovative branding services to transform business from good to great. We help corporations to build and foster a strong image with engaging customer experiences so as to positively differentiate from the competition and drive up customer loyalty and eventually profits.

We work with corporations to revitalize their brands so that they can stay current and relevant to changing consumer lifestyle and expectations. This is implemented most effectively by integrating the brand promise and values throughout the entire value delivery system.

Branding Services:
360 Degree Brand Health Check, Brand Identity Design and Formulation, Active Brand Lifecycle Management, Integrated Brand Communications, O2O Branding Solutions, Internal Branding Alignment, Brand Ambassador Conversion, Brand Rejuvenation Program, etc.


Technology and The Internet are narrowing the differentiation among business operators and driving down margins. Companies are going through a major shift of marketing paradigm that they have never experienced before when the consumers are dictating how business should be conducted.

Our team consists of corporate leaders who have managed blue-chip organizations with hands on experience in dealing with the most complicated business issues. They are also fully aware of the strategic and financial implications of every decision made, no matter how big or small. Whether it is a minor tweak to the operation or complete business-reengineering, our team can enhance business efficiency and profitability by focusing on what really matters.

Strategy Services:
Corporate Culture Development, Coaching and Leadership Development, M&A Advisory and Business Integration, Business Operation Audit, Business Enhancement Proposition, Corporate Expansion Strategy, New Market Entry, IPO Planning and Implementation, etc.


As a member of China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), DataReal focuses on CVS channel and cooperates with retailers directly, aiming to provide brand-owners and retailers with valuable insights based on substantial POS and CRM data. The data details specific time, location, products and the customer profile for each transaction, bringing infinite possibilities for brands and retailers with a better understanding of the market dynamics. DataReal plays an imperative role as follows:

1. Monitoring Sales Performance – the monthly/weekly update on the online dashboard allows the enterprises to track products performance through the changes of total sales, brand share, and regional sales.
2. Tracking Market Changes – the deep insights obtained from two-year historical data allows clients to understand the market trends in CVS channel, including product, price, place, promotion, and its loyalty club members, so as to seize the market growth and opportunities. Specifically, the basket analysis enables the enterprise to identify the most suitable marketing strategy,
3. New Product On-Shelf Evaluation – by analyzing the previous new product performance and its sustainable period, a customized benchmark can be generated to help enterprises gaining more understanding of the new product performance in the CVS channel. Moreover, the trial sales offtake also enables enterprise to evaluate whether the new product’s packaging, pricing or flavor are in line with customers’ preference.
4. Marketing Efficiency Evaluation – investigating the past marketing activities in each category helps enterprise finding out the most effective marketing strategy, improving the ROI to the maximum extent.
5. Workshop led by Retail Experts – the workshop assists the clients to come up with a viable strategic plan based on data insights, and also to establish an effective communication bridge between the brand and the retailer.

In the future, by cooperating with clients in various industries, DataReal will bring more data products to help clients to understand and forecast market and consumption trends in the CVS channel., including cross-market & cross-category analysis, customer loyalty tracking, precision marketing, and customer segmentation, etc.

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