We integrate research, big data, branding and business strategy to unleash the full business potential of our client partners.


We conduct customized research projects that help corporations to identify key challenges as well as untapped market opportunities. With our research and branding teams joining force together right from the beginning, we are able to dig up the most relevant business and consumer insights and then translate them into viable business ideas to facilitate both defensive and offensive marketing planning.

By employing cutting-edge technology throughout the process of research design, fieldwork and analysis, we are able to provide accurate and dynamic information to cater for the most demanding research task.

Research Services:
We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research programs and apply most updated methodology whenever appropriate:

Qualitative studies - Focus Group Discussion, In-depth Interviews, Ethnography, In Home Visit (IHV), Online Focus Group/ Discussion Forum, Community Panel

Quantitative studies - Online Survey (in house server), WeChat/Mobile Survey, Central Location Test, Product Placement

Our professional team has proven track record in delivering various types of research and services - Market Entry studies, Habit & Practice studies, Usage & Attitude studies, Emotional Driver Segmentation, Concept Test, Product Test, Sales Forecast, Emotional Sensor Advertising Pre/Post Test, Brand Audit/Tracking, Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Shopper Studies, Customer Journey Audit, Eye Ball Tracking Shopping Behavior Studies, Various Marketing and Business Strategy Workshop.


Data is everywhere, it is rapidly evolving into every element of our lives. If one can decode the hidden meaning behind the abundant data, it can turn into unlimited possibilities. We help corporations to integrate various sources of data, understand and interpret the data, so as to drive more satisfactory customer experience, to design highly marketable new products and to drastically improve business operations.

By partnering with multiple data sources globally including the China’s UnionPay, we have been providing real time market intelligence and most relevant data to leading corporations from various industries by analyzing a data-volume of approximately 52 million transactions per day.

Big Data Service:
Detection and Forecast of Market and Consumer Trends, Cross-market and Cross-Category Consumer Spending Analysis, Customer Loyalty Tracking, Customer Profile Reconstruction, Targeted Marketing, Strategic Consumer Segmentation and Communication Optimization etc.


We offer creative and innovative branding services to transform business from good to great. We help corporations to build and foster a strong image with engaging customer experiences so as to positively differentiate from the competition and drive up customer loyalty and eventually profits.

We work with corporations to revitalize their brands so that they can stay current and relevant to changing consumer lifestyle and expectations. This is implemented most effectively by integrating the brand promise and values throughout the entire value delivery system.

Branding Services:
360 Degree Brand Health Check, Brand Identity Design and Formulation, Active Brand Lifecycle Management, Integrated Brand Communications, O2O Branding Solutions, Internal Branding Alignment, Brand Ambassador Conversion, Brand Rejuvenation Program, etc.


Technology and The Internet are narrowing the differentiation among business operators and driving down margins. Companies are going through a major shift of marketing paradigm that they have never experienced before when the consumers are dictating how business should be conducted.

Our team consists of corporate leaders who have managed blue-chip organizations with hands on experience in dealing with the most complicated business issues. They are also fully aware of the strategic and financial implications of every decision made, no matter how big or small. Whether it is a minor tweak to the operation or complete business-reengineering, our team can enhance business efficiency and profitability by focusing on what really matters.

Strategy Services:
Corporate Culture Development, Coaching and Leadership Development, M&A Advisory and Business Integration, Business Operation Audit, Business Enhancement Proposition, Corporate Expansion Strategy, New Market Entry, IPO Planning and Implementation, etc.

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