Company Update / 19 March 2020

MaLogic was awarded ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification by SGS

MaLogic Holdings Limited was recently awarded the ISO / IEC 27001:2013 international information security management system certification by SGS after rigorous review.

Since its establishment on April 27, 2016, MaLogic has always understood the great importance of the information security and data protection of its partners and established a number of systems to ensure the company’s overall information security development. The ISO27001 information security management system is the most widely accepted and applied system certification standard in the field of information security. Achieving this certification further highlights that MaLogic has a set of information security management systems that comply with international standards, and has the ability to ensure the company’s internal information security and customer information security capabilities.

ISO27001 is currently the most in-depth, demanding, and long-established information security management system standard in the world, covering security policies, asset management, physical and environmental security, communication and operations management, access control, system acquisition development and maintenance, information security incident management, business continuity management, as well as compliance. The ISO27001 certification requires companies to build a high-standard information security system that ensures both user information security and also extensive stability of the operating system during the actual operation.

Obtaining the ISO27001 information security management system certification indicates that the information security management capabilities of MaLogic are wholly compliant with and at international standards. Along with technological innovation and the development of information technology, information security, and data privacy protection have become major global concerns. MaLogic has thus collaborated with hundreds of customers in a multitude of industries, assuring the highest quality of information security management possible. The ISO27001 certification recognizes that MaLogic is prepared to offer safe and reliable services for enterprises and government agencies alike.

In the future, MaLogic will continue to improve platform security technology capabilities and work tirelessly to explore and optimize information security strategies in order to provide customers with convenient, secure, and compliant products and services.

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