Big Data / 22 January 2018

How to use Big Data to build Strategy

Big Data could be used to find out the “facts” and help to set your corporate strategy systematically

  • Who to Target?

Through Big Data, we understand customers profile through both online and offline shopping pattern.  How can we make use of this information to increase our sales?

  • Where to Expand?

Big Data would be used to pick a retail location, and how that can shape the expansion strategy.

  • How to Promote?

Big Data can support business to gather information about different media exposure, including KOL and whether we are over or underexposed in different channels.

  • What IP to License?

Investment in IP needs a lot of fact findings; Big Data can generate historical data on preference, and use modeling to forecast the potential revenue for a new IP.  A combination of market research and Big Data model will be shared.

by Eliza Wong

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How to use Big Data to build Strategy