Company Update / 12 December 2017

Miaozhen invests in MaLogic

Miaozhen invests in MaLogic to co-develop multi-dimensional big data platform


Miaozhen Systems, a leading Omni-Marketing data and technology solution provider, headquartered in Beijing, took a stake in MaLogic.

MaLogic and Miaozhen will join forces together to develop facial recognition technology to enable the complete tracking of consumer purchase journey from online to the offline retail environment, allowing retailers and brand-owners to better understand the behavior of their customers as well as to engage them effectively at different touch points.

The deployment of this multi-dimensional big data platform is expected to significantly improve inventory management and to increase the effectiveness of marketing and promotional campaigns by providing more relevant and customized experience to each customer through the integration of online and offline data.

The news came shortly after MaLogic announced the launch of DataReal in September, a big data platform dedicated to transform the convenient store industry in China by offering real time data and insights to both retail operators as well as manufacturers through big data technology.

“We are extremely pleased to team up with Miaozhen which is a proven industry leader,” said Eliza Wong, Co-CEO of MaLogic. “We will be co-developing some exciting IP products that are intended to empower clients to fully leverage the latest technology for more effective business and marketing management.”

Founded by Wu Minghui in 2006, Miaozhen has been growing its business substantially through geographical expansion, acquisitions, and strategic investments.

“MaLogic is a company made up of leaders with unmatchable industry experiences who truly understand the business challenges faced by today’s corporate leaders,” said Wu Minghui, Chairman and CEO of Miaozhen. “Our skill sets are highly complementary and we have a shared vision to further expand the horizon of the industry.”


About Miaozhen Systems

Miaozhen Systems is the leading third-party marketing data technology company in China by concentrating on more efficient corporate marketing based on the objective data and innovative technology solutions.

Founded in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is headquartered in Beijing, with branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yantai, Singapore, Japan and USA.

Miaozhen Systems provides total digital marketing solution Miaozhen Marketing Cloud, which integrates ad tracking, budget optimizing, insight, DMP, programmatic ad serving and marketing automation, to help clients to improve their returns on investment.

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