Company Update / 3 November 2017

When Magic Meets Logic at the Unilever Learning Day

Our Co-CEO, Dr. Royce Yuen and Ms. Eliza Wong, were invited to be the speakers at the Unilever Learning Day held on October 25, 2017.

During the sharing session titled “Big Data to Big Opportunities”, Eliza shared her valuable insights and experiences on Big Data with the team of Unilever. Eliza shared a simple walk-through of the essence of big data with the audience. She shared how the emergence of Big Data had created opportunities for organizations to gain a better understanding of their customers, to make accurate predictions of how businesses should operate as well as to formulate the most effective marketing strategy for promoting their products/ services to the targeted audiences. She also shared some relevant cases with the audience.

In another session, Dr. Royce Yuen shared his experiences and creative insights on Branding and Innovation with the audience.  During the sharing session named “Unleash Your Full Potential with Common Sense Innovation”, Royce examined the concept of innovation in today’s environment and context. He provided some thought-starters to facilitate the participants to look beyond the boundary in tackling day-to-day challenges and also cited some cases from local and overseas to illustrate how innovative thinking could lead to effective people engagement and to accomplish corporate objectives. The sharing combined business management theories and interesting examples that are of practical value to all participants.


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